Installing Deployment Package

Cache Folder

Checking for /cache folder...
Cache folder exists!

Pretty URL Install

Pretty URL test:

Non-Pretty URL test: (Notice the added ? question mark)

Checking for .htaccess file...
Htaccess file is set in place and appears to be working. Please test with the Pretty URL link above.


  1. Change your homepage (currently this page). Edit the file config.php and change the line
  2. When you are satisfied, delete the install.php file.

Ping Tests

Attempting to ping URL:
Successfully pinged

Debug Information

Config Dump

    [api_key] => f60b178863771f7e8f16
    [debug] => 
    [default] => install
    [cache_time] => 86400
    [curl_mode] => curl_pref
    [server_url] =>
    [download_time] => 1721232213